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guzzle's web store offering repair o-rings, seals, fuel bowl and HPOP repair kits, many that are not offered by Ford or IH.
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RiffRaff Performance

RiffRaff Diesel Performance
Exhaust Systems, CCV kits and many Powerstroke accessories at discount pricing

Pete's filter covers

Pete's Filter Covers

Get more miles out of your filter



Crankcase Ventilation Modification with Vent Trap

My version of the CCV (Crank Case Ventilation) modification to re-route the oily vent gasses from the fresh air intake to the rear of the truck.

Glow Plug Relay

Stancor 586-902 Glow Plug Relay Mod

Upgrade the Ford GPR to a beefy Stancor 586-902 Heavy Duty 200 amp relay.

Plenum Inserts

Plenum Reinforcement Billet Inserts

An inexpensive soulution to beef up those thin factory plenums from RiffRaff Diesel Performance

Pete's Covers

Pete's Filter covers for the 6637 Air Intake Mod

Filter covers for the 6637 Open Air Intake Mod and more...

Filter Minder

FilterMinder Installation in Kwik Filter Intake

A 'how to" install the Filter Restriction sensor in the end of the 6637 filter cartridge.

torque converter lock

On Demand Torque Converter Lockup

A 'how to" build and install a manual - on demand Torque Converter Lockup switch and eliminate the flashing OD light.

coolant bypass filter

External Coolant Bypass Filtration

How I installed an external coolant bypass filter system with a CarQuest coolant filter head and homemade bracket.

bts valve body

BTS Valve Body

Installation of the 4R100 valve body from Brian's Truck Shop.

in-tank mod

In-tank Fuel System Modification

This is my version of a DIY in-tank fuel line and pickup modification commonly called the "HUTCH MOD".

lift pump mod

Helper/Lift Pump Modification

A helper pump or lift pump to assist the factory fuel pump inspired by Scott, cookie88.

flip chip mod

DP Tuner Chip Installation

Removal of the PCM and installation of a Flip Chip by Jody Tipton.

mbrp sounds

MBRP Exhaust sound clips

Three sound clips recorded at the rear of the truck after installing the 4" MBRP turbo-back exhaust system.


Auxiliary Light Wiring - High or Low Beam Operation

Wiring Auxiliary Lights on '99-'03 7.3L Superduties written by "Jesus_man".


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