guzzle's 2002 Ford Powerstroke Diesel BTS Valve Body Installation/Modification
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I finally found some time to install the valve body I ordered from Brian's Truck Shop that has been sitting in my shop for about two weeks. I had previously installed a Sonnex valve and timcumulator springs in my factory valve body, so I knew that this job would be similar with a few minor twists.

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Tools Needed:

  • 8mm socket
  • 10mm socket
  • in-lb torque wrench
  • plastic sheeting or tarp.

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valve body

Here is the new BTS valve body and Transgo plate from Brian's Truck shop. Brian will drill the Transgo plate for the shift firmness you request at the time of your order. If you think you may want firmer shifting in the future, now would be the time to call BTS with the Transgo plate in hand to discuss with them which holes you will want to drill and the proper drill size to use.

The factory valve body must be removed along with the factory screen filter. After installing the Transgo plate, the screen filter is re-installed and the new valve body is bolted in place.
The first step is to lay out a plastic sheet or tarp under the transmission because you're going to make a mess!

big mess

The first step is to lay out a plastic sheet or tarp under the transmission because you're going to make a mess! Even after being very careful to try to keep all the drippings contained in the transmission pan I had positioned on the floor, this is what I ended up with.

Using a drain pan, remove the pan drain plug and drain the transmission. Replace the drain plug and remove the bolts holding the transmission pan in place with a 10mm socket. Carefully lower the pan to the floor as there will be a lot of fluid still in the bottom of the pan that can spill out.


After removing the pan, you will expose the fluid pickup foot. Remove the pickup by pulling it straight down from the front of the pickup. There is a tube that is held in place with an o-ring and the foot will slip out with only a little pressure.

factory valve body

Removing the fluid pickup foot will expose the various valve bodies and shift solenoids in the transmission. The valve body that is closest to the front of the transmission is the one you will be removing. Make sure you have a large drain pan or the transmission pan under the valve body as you remove it because quite a bit of fluid will run out when you break the valve body loose from the transmission. There are 11- 8mm bolts and 2 - 10mm nuts holding the valve body in place.


There is a small screen filter that needs to be removed to allow the Transgo plate to be installed. The screen may come out with a little wiggling or you may have to twist the base of the filter 90 ccw and then pull it down.

transgo plate

Position the Transgo plate so the large circle cutout is over the area that you removed the screen filter from. I was able to keep the plate in place with fluid surface tension simply by pressing the plate against the transmission.


Inspect and if necessary, clean the screen filter then place it back in its original position over the new Transgo plate. Twist the filter cw 90 to lock it in position.

torque bolts

Position the new BTS valve body and finger tighten all the bolts and 2 nuts. Torque the 8mm bolts to 95 lbs-in and the 2 - 10mm nuts to 100 lbs-in.

repalce filter

Place the fluid pickup/filter in position and push it upwards until you feel the o-ring seat in place.

trans pan

Clean the oil pan and the drain plug magnet of any fuzz and goo that will be in the bottom of the pan. The gasket is re-usable so you don't have to buy a new one.

torque pan bolts

Place the pan in position and torque the 10mm bolts to 120 lbs-in. Refill the transmission to the proper lever using Dexron III/Mercon ATF and check for leaks. Take the truck out and see what a difference this valve body makes!

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