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The Kwik Filter open intake modification was named after Kwikkordead who introduced the method of making a working filtration system for the 7.3 PSD using a NAPA 6637 filter element to the FTE forums. The DIY Tymar filter mod was around before Kwik introduced it but few members on FTE were aware of how well it filtered and how opened up the intake on the 7.3L Ford Powerstroke Diesel. When I initially did my Kwik mod, I left the filter restriction sensor module zipped tied to a section of wire harness next to the old filter bracket. I never liked the idea of it just laying there and eventually capped the sensor end with a plastic cap to keep the dust out. I wasn't satisfied with the installation until SpringerPop showed us his way of installing the FilterMinder in the end of the 6637 filter element and I did it this way until I installed my Ford AIS sytem.

This page will take you through the steps of modifying the NAPA 6637 filter element to accept the original filter box grommet and filter restriction sensor.

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Begin by setting the filter on a clean workbench and centerpunch the top of the 6637 filter where you will be installing the filter restriction sensor module.

Pete's filter covers

Pete's Filter Covers

Get more miles out of your filter

center punch top

Roll up a piece of cardboard that is exactly 12 inches long and place it inside the filter element to keep plastic shavings away from the filter material as you cut the hole. Here I am using corrugated cardboard but any heavy paper like kraft paper will work as well.

insert cardboard

Insert the cardboard so it is flush with the neck and square with the top of the filter.

insert cardboard flush

I have found that a Forstner bit - 5/8 inch will make the cleanest hole to insert the factory grommet into.

forstner bit

Keep the drill motor vertical with the top of the filter and drill a 5/8 inch hole through the top.

drill the hole
drill the hole through

With a sharp razor, make a narrow bevel around the hole to assist in inserting the factory grommet. Be careful not to enlarge the opening while doing this to assure a tight fit for the grommet.

cut bevel
fill plug

Tap on the sides of the filter element to knock any of the plastic shavings that may be clinging to the cardboard insert and allow them to fall through the bottom. While holding the filter in a vertical position, pull the cardboard from the bottom opening of the 6637 filter.

remove cardboard

All of the plastic shavings that entered the filter should have been trapped by the roll of cardboard and cleanly exited through the base.

plastic shavings

Look into the open end of the filter element and make sure there are no burrs around the hole you drilled or any small fragments of plastic clinging to the filter media. Shake and tap the filter until they fall out if you find any.

check interior of filter

Insert the factory grommet into the 5/8 inch hole, it is tight so I spray a little silicone lubricant or WD-40 on the base to help.

insert the grommet

When you have pushed the grommet in place, I have found that it tries to fold on the ridge on the inside. You may have to reach in the filter and spread the bottom edge lip while twisting the grommet to make it lay flat.

insert the grommet
insert the grommet1

Once installed, your grommet should look like this.

insert the grommet2

Rub a little WD-40 from your finger around the tip of the filter restriction sensor and insert it firmly into the grommet.

insert the sensor

Before reinstalling the filter on the truck, take a look down the intake tube towards the turbo. It should be clean, without signs of dirt or dust clinging to the sides. If you have not done the CCV modification to your intake, you will have a coating of oil covering the intake tube and you may see some puddles of oil on the turbo intake flange.

check the intake tube

Here is the filter with the restriction sensor installed on the end of the 6637 filter element. Lots of air for the 7.3 PSD!

filter installed

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