guzzle's 2002 Ford Powerstroke Diesel In-Tank 'Harpoon' Modification
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Tired of spending 20 minutes getting that last 3 or 4 gallons in the tank at the station? The Harpoon Mod is a simple proceedure of cutting the vent tube and filler tube off as close to the tank wall as possible. This allows more fuel to enter the tank before the foam backs up through the fill tube and clicks off the pump. This mod should be done when your are also doing the In-tank Hutch mod since you have to drop the tank to get to the internal tubes.



To keep from getting pvc shavings or saw "dust" in the tank, use an inexpensive PVC pipe, ratcheting cutoff tool. They can be purchased from local garden shops, Wal-Mart, K-Mart or Harbor Freight. By reaching into the tank and placing the tool next to the wall of the tank, you will be able to cut the tubes off to about 1/2" in length.


After cleanly cutting off the tubes, just reach in the tank and pull the tubes from the bottom of the tank and discard them. Here is a shot of the vent tube and fill tube shortened.

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