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This will be my first attempt to make a 'catch can' for my 2002 PSD CCV mod. I have wanted to do this mod for some time now but have been very concerned with the possibility of dripping oil in my driveway/parking spot with an open CCV mod hose simply fastened to the chassis and directly open to the whims of air turbulence under the truck. I am hopeful that this design will serve the intended purpose without applying too much additional backpressure on the engine.

Parts that I started with.

2" ABS pipe, 2 commercial Scotchbrite pads, a tomato can (road dirt/water diffuser), miscellaneous ABS/PVC fittings from Home Depot.


Road Water diffuser

With planning to place this 'trap' under the vehicle, my concerns are having water thrown on the unit and possible filling it, causing restriction and a really big mess. I plan on covering the ventilation holes in the ABS pipe with this 'can' to keep water out. I cut a hole in the top about 1/8" smaller than the fitting I will be slipping the cover over, then with a hacksaw, made teeth around the circumference to grab hold of the ABS fitting.


ABS Venting Holes

I drilled 8 holes in the top of the ABS pipe, 2 - 1" and 6 - 1/2" holes. Even with filter material causing some restriction, I think this should give plenty of ventilation to the engine.


Filter material in the pipe

I choose the ScotchBrite pads as filter material due to its large, open texture in hopes of reducing any flow restriction when the oil thickens in cold weather. By rolling up the ScotchBrite pads, they fit well in the pipe and left a free space down the middle. The filter material covers the tube from top to bottom.


Weather protecting the "can"

I choose the tomato can due to recalling how many vacuum tanks I have seen under the hoods of various 'gassers' I have owned in the past made from tin cans. Corrosion was a concern so after sandblasting the can, a coat of textured powdercoating was applied. Since powdercoat is much harder than regular paint, it should hold up well to winter road chemicals and the occasional rock bouncing around under the bed.


Apply RTV Silicone

I applied a good bead of black RTV silicone around the top of the ABS fitting that the can will slip over to create a water seal and to assist in holding the can in place.


Install the water diffuser

Slipping the powdercoated can over the fitting at the top of the ABS trap and seating it in the RTV silicone did make a very nice seal.


Base Drain Plug

I used this large (2") plug to have full access to pull the filter material if it was necessary and for periodic draining of oil from the trap.


Breathing room around the pipe

There is about 1/2" of clearance between the ABS pipe and the can diffuser to allow the trap to breath.


The assembled trap

This is the unit totally assembled. After receiving a lot of feedback from internet forum users about the smell that will come from the CCV remote hose, I am now planning on mounting this directly behind the fuel tank, just in front of the rear axle. The fuel tank should offer the trap a little protection from road debris. I have made two standoff brackets from galvanized strap material and will be fastening the trap to them with stainless steel wormgear clamps. The CCV hose will connect to the 90 elbow fitting at the top.


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